All Payments must be made on Mondays at Living Hope Co-op

Print your own Payment Checklist by clicking on the "My Family's Registrations" tab. Then, push the button labeled: "Print Family Payment Checklist". This page will be a helpful resource for you to keep track of your class payments for all of the classes that your children are registered for.

Session Tuition Fees are $5.00 per session for 1 hour class, $7.50 per session for 1 1/2 hour class.

Materials Fees for each class can be found by clicking on the "My Family's Registration" tab and then pushing on the class you are registered for. The class description will show up and you will see the Materials Fee description listed.

  • (Checks and cash are accepted by all teachers. Venmo is accepted by some teachers. You can check each class to see if a teacher accepts Venmo or not.) Checks are made directly to each teacher.

Download Payment Dates for our 2022-2023 Co-op Year:

Download Payment Dates for our 2023-2024 Co-op Year: