We are just around the corner from beginning our online registration! In order to register, families will need to Pre-Register by coming to co-op and bringing their paperwork and $40 Registration fee to either of our Pre-Registration dates.
(March 25th or April 8th - 8:30am to 1:30pm)

Please note:

  • We only accept new members during our annual Pre-registration window.
  • All families, both current and new, must have at least one student who is at least nine years of age by September 1st.
  • Openings for new membership will be awarded in the spring on a lottery basis if applications submitted by then exceed our membership capacity.

Before Pre-Registration begins, we ask that you take time to prayerfully read through LHC's Policy Handbook. This document will help you to gain an understanding of how our co-op operates to see if LHC is a good fit for you and your family.

Living Hope Co-op Policy Handbook

The Handbook is updated every year. (Current members- please be sure to review it.)

1. Pre-Registration

All families will need to Pre-Register in order to register for classes. You must come in person on either day listed below to pre-register:

  • Please note, participation for current members is contingent on all current year fees being paid prior to pre-registration.

Monday, March 25th, 2019 any time from: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
Monday, April 8th, 2019 any time from: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
You will need to come to Pre-Registration prepared with the following forms and registration fee: The necessary forms are hyperlinked below in this section. Click on each hyperlink, download the pdf file to your computer, print each form at home, fill out the necessary information and bring them to the board table on one of the two Pre-Registration dates.

* Personal Checklist for 2019-2020 LHC Registration(This is an optional form - but is useful as a guide through the three phases of the registration process.) Pre-Registration, Registration Preparation, and Online Registration
Personal Checklist for 2019-2020 LHC Registration

* Family Pre-Registration Form 2019-2020
2019-2020 Family Pre-Registration Info. Form

* Liability and Medical Release
2019-2020 Liability and Medical Release

* Student Agreement (Print one for each student 5th grade or older)
2019-2020 Student Agreement

* Parent Job Information Sheet
2019-2020 Parent Job Information Sheet

  • $40.00 Registration Fee (check or cash)
    The $40.00 fee is only refundable up until May 13, 2019. If you were required to fill-out a background check, the cost of the background check will be deducted from your refund. If you decide the co-op is not a good fit for your family, please come to the co-op no later than May 13th to have your registration money returned to you from the treasurer. We will not mail refunds.

2. Registration Preparation

Preparing for Online Registration is very important to ensure everything goes smoothly. Please refer the the "Personal Checklist" and the "Registration Instructions" handouts for complete information on fully preparing for Online Registration.

  • Hyperlinked again here for your convenience

Personal Checklist for 2019-2020 LHC Registration
Registration Instructions

  • As you plan out the classes for your students, you might like a printed copy of the grid. Here is a pdf for your planning.

2019-2020 Printable Class Grid

Background Checks

We are required to file a background check on members every two years. After we receive your pre-registration paperwork, an email will be sent to you if you are a new member or a current member that needs to refile. There will be a link in the email and directions on how to complete the check. The background check is done completely online after pre-registration.

  • Returning Members: If you are due to file a background check, you will need to do so before you can register for 2019-2020 classes. We will notify you via email if you need to file a background check for the 2019-2020 co-op year.
  • New Family Members: All New Family Members will be required to file a background check before registering for classes.

Website Preparation

  • Be sure that your password works and that you have changed it to one of your own choosing.
  • Verify that your family information is correct: each of your students are listed in the correct grade level for next fall, address/phone information is correct, and names are entered correctly.

Take Note of your Registration Dates

  • Write on your calendar the dates of your Registration window as highlighted on your "Registration Instructions" handout. (You received this during Pre-Registration at the board table.)
  • New Members: plan to attend our "Manditory New Family Orientation" at April 29th/ 9:45-11:15am.
  • Make a plan for your students' classes using the online class grid. Have back up choices made ahead of time in case classes close before or during your registration window.

3. Online Registration

You will be given a printed copy of this handout at Pre-Registration. We will highlight the dates of your online registration window. This handout is being attached here in case you find that an extra copy is needed.
Please read over these instructions so that you familiarize yourself with the online process before it begins.
Registration Instructions

Sesson 1 Class & Material Fee Payments

  • April 29th, May 6th & 13th - Payments for 2019-2020 1st Session & Material Fees: you will need to come to co-op to make your payments for 1st Semester Materials Fees, as well as the Session #1 Fees for all classes you are registered for. Session Fees and Material Fees are nonrefundable.

If payments are not made by May 13th, your family will automatically be dropped from the co-op.

  • All student class registrations and parent job registrations are subject to change if the Leadership Board deems it necessary.

Once our 2019-2020 Online Class Registrations closes, LHC Members may make class changes to their class schedules using our Add/Drop process in the fall. There will be no student Add/Drop changes over the summer.

Add/Drop Process

This process starts with dropping the current class in which your student is registered and then adding them to a class where a seat is available. This process begins in fall once co-op has started and continues to be available the whole co-op year. Please use this Add/Drop set of forms to complete this process. Full instructions are on the forms.

Add/Drop for 2019-2020 will begin at the Co-op Kick Off on September 9th

If you are wanting to get into a full class, you will want to sign your student up for the Online Waitlist.

Online Waitlist Procedure

  • The Online Waitlist is for classes with Student Max Reached status only.
  • Each waitlist will accommodate a list of 5 names.
  • If a class has prerequisites, priority will be given to students who meet the specified class prerequisites. If you are unsure of the prerequisites - please read the class description and information. If after reading the class information you are still unsure, please contact the teacher directly before placing your student on the list. (Examples of classes that may have prerequisites are science, writing and math classes.)
  • Once we begin co-op in September, seats that become available for those on the waitlist will be activated. When a closed class has an open spot, the first family name on the waitlist will be contacted. If the 1st family is no longer interested, the 2nd family will be contacted and then so on down the list.
  • If you change your mind and want to remove your name from the list, you can do so by clicking Unregister.
  • Only the names on the Online Waitlist will be contacted for admittance into a class that has a seat available in September after co-op begins. Teachers will not be keeping a separate wait list, so please do not ask them to put you on a waitlist for their class. Teachers may not overload their classes. All members must follow the Online Waitlist process to give every member equal opportunity to access seats in full classes.

If a spot opens up and you accept this seat, you will need to follow our Add/Drop policy to make the change. Specifics regarding our Add/Drop policy and procedures can be found in the section above on this website page.
Registering for the Online Waitlist Instructions (The Online Waitlist opens in May after the close of registration. )

  1. Go to our web site and log-in.
  2. Once logged-in, click on Class Grid.
  3. Click on the class for which you would like register for the Waitlist.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the drop-down window. Select the name of your student and click Register.
  5. You are now on the Online Waitlist for that particular class. Your family will be notified if the class has a spot open in the Fall.